Don't let language barriers stand in your way.

Professional translator with five years of experience. I help you translate and adapt your message to your target audience by conveying the nuances that make your original text flow. Assure your texts portray a professional image and maintain the same high standards and values you want to add.

Language Services

I provide different language-related services for all types of customers. I undertake every project as a professional challenge and provide the highest quality. I guarantee project deadlines and maintain total confidentiality and privacy of information.


Translation of texts from English and German into Spanish and Catalan (or
vice versa).


Making your neural machine translations meaningful, natural, and high-quality.


Reviewing and refining texts by comparing the original document to its translated version. 

Linguistic quality assurance (LQA)

Revising final implemented texts to ensure they are error-free and have an optimum level of quality and appropriateness.

Fields of expertise.

Corporate communication

Company policies and codes, performance and feedback surveys,
onboarding guides, employee announcements, emails, and other
 business-related documents.

Editorial texts

Articles in magazines, blog posts, books, texts for websites or social
networks, newsletters, etc.

Learning and development

Training playbooks and manuals, e-learnings, toolboxes, and user guides on
a range of topics such as DE&I, well-being, ethics, compliance, safety, etc.

Instructional texts

User manuals or help guides for software, applications, or other marketed
products such as house appliances. 

Marketing texts

Product descriptions for online sales or texts for websites that are appealing.

How to request a translation or another language service.


Through one of the available channels, choose the one that is most convenient for you.


Provide as much information as possible about your project.


Send your document, so I can tailor a quote appropriately and take care of your project with the quality it deserves.

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Answering your questions.

I translate mainly from English and German into Spanish and Catalan, my native languages, although I also have some knowledge of Japanese. Professional translators always try to translate into their native languages. However, I can also help you if you need to translate a text into English or German. I will ensure that a professional native-speaker linguist proofreads the translated text.

To any individual or company that may need them, whether you want to translate a text for your website, a document for your business, or you simply want to be sure that the content you post on your social media is error-free and flows naturally.

Because I have a passion for my job and I always strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction possible in whatever I do. I consider myself a professional, hard-working and  a perfectionist and I am determined to make sure your project meets your expectations.
I acquired academic qualifications and have trained professionally to guarantee the quality of my work. I continue training and keep up to date with the changing industry and the emerging technologies. I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting, a Master degree in Editing/Publishing and I have taken several specific courses in proofreading and quality assurance. I am also a professional member of Asetrad, the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters.